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Boy Scout Patrol Patches

As Seen in Boy’s Life and Scouting Magazines

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Stock Boy Scout Patrol Patches

All patrol patches are approved by BSA® for Official Uniform wear.


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Ordering Custom Patrol Patches

New program to make this easier! You can now order as few as 10 custom patrol patches!
• Turnaround is 5-6 weeks
• Price per patch is only $6.99 each
• Minimum order is 10 patches
After the initial 10, extra patches are only $2.99 each.
Contact us to today to get started. What about 50pc minimums? The extras are sold here
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BSA Rules for Patrol Patches

Uniform Wear patrol patch requirements:
• 2″ round patches
• Background is khaki twill or thread
• Maximum of 3 other thread colors
• Not be offensive
• Not use unlicensed images
• Design approved by the BSA
ClassB takes care of making sure your patch is OK for uniform wear!
boy scout red fox patrol patch

Download Patrol Patch Poster
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Free Patrol Patch Poster

Patrol Patches are great for Webelos Den’s Too!

Patrol Patch Placement

Patrol Patches go under the USA Flag on the Right sleeve of the uniform. Leave about 1/2″ of space between the flag and the patch. Image from the BSA uniform inspection sheet. We did photoshop in the color version of the BSA Beaver Patrol Patch to make it stand out more.

Build Patrol Spirit

Choosing a patrol name can sometimes be a fun process. Usually its a learning experience for the boys in the patrol. They learn how to compromise and make a decision about something important to them. Self-identification. In my scouting experience, we always had non-standard patrol names. Its just the way the troops worked. My first patrol was the dolphins. We squeeked for our patrol cheer. We were supposed to make the patches ourselves but in the end my mom (founder of ClassB) make the patches with oil paint on a blank patch. My next patrol was the lynx patrol. We used the generic bobcat patrol patch and always had to explain we were the lynx not the bobcats :( In both cases, I believe that choosing any patrol name we wanted, gave us ownership of the patrol. We always had great patrol spirit imho. – Eric

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